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A DGPS/Radiobeacon Receiver for Minimum Shift Keying with Soft Decision Capabilities

Profound thanks are due to Joel Kolstad, KE7CDV, who scanned this monster in and to Per Enge, my thesis advisor at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, who dragged me through getting this thing written oh so long ago.

If you like this work, and you are interested in implementing control systems in software, look at my book: Applied Control Theory for Embedded Systems.

You have two options: you can download the whole thesis as a 1MB pdf file, or you can read the thesis in easy-to-download, indexed sections (below).

Front Pages

Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter 2 The Radio

Chapter 3 The Demodulators

Chapter 4 Tests of Radio Performance

Chapter 5 Summary & Further Work

Appendix A The Continuous-Time MSK Demodulator

Appendix B Receiver Software

Appendix C Transmitter Software

Appendix D Schematics