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Applied Control Theory for Embedded Systems Cover

Applied Control Theory for Embedded Systems

This book is written for the practicing engineer who needs to develop working control systems without going back to school for years. It is aimed directly at software engineers who are learning control theory for the first time, however it has found favor engineers of all stripes when they are tasked with implementing control loops. It teaches theory, but it also covers many real-world issues in much greater depth than is taught in the sort of theory course you'd find in many universities.

Applied Control Theory for Embedded Systems is published by Elsevier. They have an excellent page on the book here.

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About This Book

Read the back story of the book: how I happened to write it, why I wrote it, who I wrote it for and why (I hope) you should buy it.


No one is perfect, but over time we discover some of our mistakes. Here are the mistakes that I know about.

Supplementary Material

Of course I'm not done - I'm just resting. Here are things that I didn't have time to include, or that are of too narrow a scope to fit into the book.