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Applied Control Theory for Embedded Systems Cover Applied Control Theory for Embedded Systems is written for the practicing engineer who needs to develop working control systems without going back to school for three years. It is aimed directly at software engineers who are learning control theory for the first time, however it also covers many real-world issues in much greater depth than is taught in a 'theory' course.

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Supplementary Material

There's not much here yet, but I have a number of things I want to write about, including system identification using ARMA techniques (and how to design with the resulting system model), and bumpless transfer. Here is something that you may find useful. If you are price- or space-constrained on your digital to analog converters, you can use these techniques to get more effective resolution without blowing budgets:

Exercises for Selected Chapters

I taught a course with this book in 2008, and wrote homework problems for half the book. Getting these up on the site has proven time consuming - but here are some.

Chapter 1 excercises, with worked solutions.

Chapter 2 excercises, with worked solutions.

External Suppliments

Sigma-delta Techniques Extend DAC Resolution from the June 2004 issue of Embedded Systems Programming magazine.